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At Telliformer Inc. our goal is not to just to provide you with solutions that are foundational for the sustainability of your power grid; we want to ensure your success and connect you with the possibility of things.


• Power Theft


• Outage Detection/Management


• Assets Maintenance


• Energy Conservation


• Power Quality Management


• Demand Response

• System Performance


• Load Balance


• Energy Efficiency


• Pole Maintenance


• Substation Monitoring



Telliformer Inc. is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge smart grid solutions. As technology has advanced in other areas, customers have gotten smarter requiring more tools to control their electricity usage.


Telliformer Inc. is a leading provider in the power utility sector that delivers low-cost remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions through our U-Telligence SmartGrid Platform™ (UTSGP). With our extended family of Unattended Monitoring Devices (UMDs) coupled with our patented U-Telligence™ technology and software, our solutions provide a single source of truth across multiple power operations to offer you a comprehensive view of the health and sustainability of your utility assets; all in real-time.


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